Legrand Law Firm, L.L.C., prides itself on being thorough, prepared and pragmatic.  In addition to handling litigated files, our clients regularly send files that are not in litigation for settlement assessments or other recommendations.  Either way, good legal advice starts with a thorough analysis of the facts to identify strengths and weakness of a case, as well as areas of inquiry that need to be pursued.  Our extensive trial experience allows us to provide our clients with reasonable recommendations for settlement and realistic expectations for trial outcomes. Whether we recommend taking a case to trial or settling, our goal is to provide legal services that produce the best outcomes for our clients, and long term, lasting client relationships.  




Our clients include businesses in the Global 2000 and ranked in the top 50 of the Fortune 500.  They employ over a half a million people world-wide and generate revenues of $300 billion, with over $3.5 trillion in assets, doing business in a variety of areas, including telecommunications, internet, entertainment, finance, marine, transportation, delivery, oil services, retail, and residential and commercial services.  Long term relationships have been maintained with national specialty lines insurers and self-insured funds.  The firm also has strong working relationships with the top third-party administrators.  Although the firm started in 2013, the bulk of the firm’s business is with clients our attorneys have been providing legal services to for over ten years.